Organizing trainings and events on conserving the diversity of all living creatures on earth and improving the life quality, protection of the nature and biodiversity, arising awareness of the visitors, increasing the respect and love of nature and contributing to the scientific studies related to protection of the nature and wild life are among the duties and goals of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Wildlife Park.

Izmir Wildlife Park offers a pleasant and enjoyable zoo experience to its visitors as well as providing trainings to raise awareness about protection of the nature and wild life and to have a good zoo experience.

Izmir Wildlife Park has been fulfilling its goals and duties since the opening day and it formed an in-house TRAINING UNIT for organizing training services. The biologists, veterinarians, zoo technicians working for the Training Unit and animal caretakers assigned on the premises carry out the trainings and events planned by Izmir Wildlife Park.


All personnel working for Izmir Wildlife Park attend to personnel trainings every year for improving their personal and professional information and skills.

We offer training and event programs for visitors of all ages but specifically for children by taking into consideration age differences and we improve, update these programs each passing day.

Also, we have started working on informational programs targeting the teachers and families.

We organize special events for the handicapped.

We organize special programs and events on special occasions such as April 23 Children’s Day, October 4 World Animal Day and Environment Week.

Furthermore, we organize special behavioral enrichment activities so that both our visitors and wild animals might enjoy themselves at the park.

We will continue to plan training programs for discovering the wild life and contributing to the protection of nature and environment.

In addition to the presentations made with visual and graphic aids, we try to offer more exciting and informative trainings through active field work.

We cooperate with the universities, educational institutions, schools and civil society organizations so that our trainings and activities might reach to wider audiences.