Park Rules

For your safety, do not trespass the safety bars around the animal habitats or do not try and touch the animals between these bars. The habitats are surrounded with electric fences. Please observe the warning signs.

Respect the opening and closing hours of the Tropical Center and do not insist.

The plants of the premises and Tropical Center beautify the Wildlife Park, please do not harm them.

The Wildlife Park is the home of these animals. Please do not disturb them in their home.

Do not lean out of the observation towers.

Respect the warnings and directions of the authorized personnel.

Do not throw trash into the park ponds and premises. Any type of trash might harm the animals, if reaches to a habitant. Please throw all trash into the trash bins.

Do you have any special services for the physically challenged visitors?

We have designated handicapped areas in our parking lot as well as wheelchair ramps at the entrance and 3 accessible toilets. Furthermore, we offer 5 battery operated wheelchairs, 10 standard non-battery operated wheelchairs to our handicapped visitors for free. If the handicapped visitor groups make an appointment using the information on webpage, they will be provided with a free battery operated tour vehicle for their visit.

Visitors on a bicycle, skateboard, scooter, skates are not allowed in the park.

For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to visit the park on a bicycle, scooter, skateboard and skates. If the visitors come to the park on a bicycle, the visitors can park their bicycles to the parking area designated for bicycles.

Do not bring food and beverages to feed the animals.

Our expert personnel prepares daily rations (diets) based on the biology of our animals, seasonal conditions and their metabolic needs. Bringing food into the park to feed animals is not allowed since it might be harmful to the health of our animals.

Pets are not allowed

Zoos are free of diseases and they are isolated in this sense. The visitors are not allowed to bring pets such as cats and dogs into the zoos.

Cafeteria and Souvenir Shop

We have two cafeterias and one souvenir shop in our park so that visitors of Izmir Wildlife Park can rest and shop.

Bahadır Souvenir Shop sells authentic souvenirs and memorabilia such as animal figurines. It also sells calendars, fridge magnets, stuffed animal toys, t-shirts, puzzles, coloring books and posters.

When walking around the park, our visitors can stop by Kuğulu and Develi Cafés to have a bite and rest in fresh air. The cafes serve beverages such as tea, coffee and soft drinks and food such as pizza, meatballs, pasta, chips and toasted sandwiches.

Kuğulu Cafeteria has 250-person and Develi Café has 150-person capacity.


We have an available parking lot.