How to get Izmir Wildlife Park located in Sasalı:

Take a bus from Karşıyaka Ferry Port, Bostanlı Ferry Port or Çiğli Interchange Station.

Visitors using Izban should take the buses from Çiğli Interchange Station to get to Izmir Wildlife Park.

Please click here for Izban departure times.

To find out the bus numbers and departure times, please ask the bus terminal personnel for the bus numbers stopping by the park.

For visitors taking the Freeway, drive right ahead to Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (do not enter the Industrial Zone) and do not take any turns; you will see Sasalı and Izmir Wildlife Park signs.

For visitors driving from Çiğli or Karşıyaka, turn to Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone direction, you will see Izmir Wildlife Park direction signs.